Welcome to “One Community, Many Stories: Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage in Fairfax County.” This project aims to gather stories from people of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage who live or work in Fairfax County. Please consider contributing your story to help others understand the history, experiences, and contributions of people of AAIP heritage living or working in Fairfax County.

Here are some prompts to get you started:

• Do you have a story about moving to Fairfax to share, either your own or that of a family member?
• What do you like about living in Fairfax County, and/or what have been some of the challenges?
• What do you wish more people understood about your community?

Submission Rules

Thank you for your interest in being part of “One Community, Many Stories.” You may submit almost any type of digital content, such as written content (stories, recipes, poems); visual content (photographs, drawings, etc.); or audio/video content (oral history or reporting).

Submitting your work is free and the process only takes a few minutes. Please make sure what you are submitting is your own original work.

By submitting via this form, the digital donation will be received by the Virginia Room as a gift, and the owner or his agent with full authority gives, assigns, and conveys finally and completely, and without any limitation or reservation, the property described below and associated rights including copyright to the Virginia Room.

Thank you for contributing your story to this project!